How to Create a Change Order Request (COR) in Clearstory

Learn how to create a COR in Clearstory using our standard templates.

Table of Contents

Create COR from Standard Template

Create COR from T&M Tag

In this article, we are going to walk you through the basic steps to create a COR in Clearstory. Feel free to also watch the below video.

Creating a COR

 Create COR from Standard Template

  • In the upper right-hand corner of the screen click on Add New > Create a Change Order Request
  • Start by selecting the project you wish to upload the COR to.
  • Clearstory will populate the next available Change Order Request Number based on what has already been submitted for that project. You can override this number if you have a unique numbering system but we recommend numbering your CORs sequential by project 1-10.
  • If you want to add in the information from an Clearstory Time & Material Tag Number you can select it from the drop-down in the T&M Tag Number field. Or if you have a paper T&M Tag number that you want to reference you can manually type it in here. 
  • Add a Customer Reference Number if your General Contractor gives you a PCO, PCI, CE, etc. number to track the COR against.
  • Next, add the Title and Description.

The Change Order Request Title is an abbreviated description of the COR. This will show up in the email that goes out to the customer and be the summary shown on the log. This Title should give your customer an understanding of what the COR is at a quick glance.

  • The Description is a more detailed breakdown of the contents of the COR. This can be formatted using our tools with bullet points, numbering and other formatting options.

Next you will want to add in the Labor, Material, Equipment and Other cost line items. 

  • To add any section click on the "+ADD" button in each row. 
  • This will open a new line item to be added.
  • If you have pre-populated your rates in Clearstory, they will appear in this drop-down list for you to select under the description. To learn how to do that, check out this article here: How to add your labor, material, equipment and other rates to Clearstory.
  • For Labor you will enter the number of hours the worker on that line item, select the type of hours (Straight Time, Double Time, Over Time and premium OT / DT), and add the rate. If you have your rates input into Clearstory, when you select the type of hours the rate will automatically pull in.
  • For Material, Equipment and Other costs you can select pre-populated items from the drop down menu or manually type in a description. If you select from the drop-down the unit and rate will automatically pull in. Otherwise, manually enter the quantity, unit and rate of each added item.
  • Once you are done, click the "Save" icon.

The markup and total section will auto-populate based on what you have stored for the project level mark up rates. Check out this article to learn how to set those up.

  • When creating the COR you can override any of the sections that are shown as editable. If you edit the "Total Requested" you can always reset it by clicking the icon to the left of the total.

You can drag and drop files which will be inserted into the PDF file that gets sent. If you attach multiple items here you can sort them by grabbing them and moving them up or down.

Once the project is selected you will see your customer's email populated in the "Email To" section and you and your team members in the "Email CC" section. This will be the distribution list for who will receive this COR once your click send.

Once you are ready to send the COR, you will click on "Preview Change Order". This will open the final PDF preview of the COR you are about to send. This gives you an opportunity to review the COR for completeness. If any changes need to be made you can click cancel. If it is ready to send, you can click "Submit". 

Once the COR is sent, you and your customer will both be copied on the email that goes out with a link to view and download the COR PDF package.

Create COR from a T&M Tag

  • Head to your T&M log, select your Tag, and click Create COR (green wrench)

  • Your COR has been generated

To learn how to create a COR from multiple tags, check out this article