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Using Role Permissions

Role Permissions allow you to set specific permissions for each role. Keep reading to learn more.

You must be an Account Owner to access the Role Permissions tab

You can modify four permissions for each role:

  • Create a Project
  • Edit a Project

  • Archive a Project

  • Delete a Project

Navigate to Settings and click Role Permissions under Advanced Settings

On this screen, click Edit to adjust your permissions

All roles are checked by default. Adjust as needed and click Save

After clicking Save you receive an on-screen message letting you know the Save was successful. You can see the various permissions are now un-checked for your roles

Now, when a Field User navigates to Create a Project, the button is greyed out and they receive an onscreen message alerting them they do not have a role that allows for creating projects

The Role Permissions affect all users under the selected role. Ex. Turning off Create a Project for Field Users will prevent ALL fields users from creating projects.