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Setting default or "Standard" items on T&M Tags

Clearstory allows you to set default items that populate automatically when a new T&M Tag is created


This feature is turned off by default and needs to be enabled.  please reach out to support@clearstory.build to get it enabled in your account.

This feature only applies to T&M Tags, not to Change Order Requests

Once you have this feature enabled, when you go to create a single rate item, or edit an existing rate item you will see the option to select if that item is “Standard” or not using the Standard Item? column shown here:

By making a rate item Standard, it will automatically show up on any new tags using those rates.

Additionally, you can choose if that item has a default quantity using the Auto Calculate Total column.  You can either choose a lump sum value for the quantity, or have it calculate based on the total number of Labor hours on the tag.  If you choose a lump sum value, you then need to enter the amount you want to be selected in the Standard Amount column.

Standard items can be set on both the Office and Project level.  Once and item is set to Standard it will populate on all new tags created for those Projects.  The rate can be edited or removed by the user creating the tag.