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How to upload a Rough Order of Magnitude Change Order Request (ROM) and submit the final cost later.

Often a Subcontractor will be asked to send a ROM pricing for a certain change and later submit the final cost. Here is the easiest way to do that in Clearstory.

Step 1: Upload the ROM COR

  • Click Send COR > Upload COR. 
  • Once here select the project, enter the title of the COR, Customer Reference Number and enter the ROM cost. 
  • Since there may not be a COR backup document at this stage, you do not need to attach anything.
  • Click "Submit" and the COR will be added to the log.
  • Once on the log go click on the "Edit" icon.

Edit a COR

  • Once in the edit panel, go to "Stage" and select ROM or whichever stage you want to put the COR into.

View Revisions-1

Step 2: Replace the ROM with the final cost.

Once the final pricing is ready to submit, follow these steps to replace the ROM with the final pricing.
  • Go to the ROM COR and in the Action column click on the "Submit Revision" icon.
  • Once on this screen, you can upload the final cost of the COR. 
  • The ROM COR will be saved as the previous version of the COR and you can go back and look at it by clicking on the "Versions" icon.