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How to Require Your Sub-tier Subcontractors to Send their Change Order Requests (CORs) via Clearstory

In this article we will walk you through how to make Clearstory a project requirement, how to invite your sub-tier vendors and how they will send your CORs through Clearstory.

Table of contents

  1. Tier I Project Requirements
  2. Instructions to Bidders & Subcontract verbiage
  3. Email Introduction to Subs Template

1. Tier I Project Requirements

A Tier I Clearstory project utilizes Clearstorys core Change Order Review platform and requires that each Subcontractor upload a copy of their COR onto Clearstory.

The requirements are simple:

  1. Require all Subcontractors to upload a PDF copy of their Change Order Requests to Clearstory's shared COR log. 

By doing this, you as the GC will have access to a complete up-to-date COR log from each Subcontractor at all times. You can add review comments, have Subcontractors revise and resubmit things, and keep track of approvals. 

2. Include Clearstory in your Instructions to Bidders and Subcontracts

Clearstory benefits your sub-tier subcontractors as well and once they learn how the system helps them they usually are happy to adopt.  However, it’s important to include contractual language in your sub-contracts so you can ensure  buy-in.

We recommend putting the ‘Example language’ in two locations:

*Please note this is not legal advice and you should consult your team before using.

    • Instructions to Bidders: Before the job is bid you can insert this language giving the Subcontractors a heads up that Clearstory will be required.
    • Subcontracts: Once a contract is awarded, carry this same language into the executed contract.

Example ITB & Subcontract language:

    "This project is requiring clearstory.com for the following:

    1) Change Order Requests (COR) are not valid until the date they are submitted to the [insert project name] on clearstory.com.

    Clearstory.com is a change order communication platform designed to help Subcontractors, General Contractors and Owners create, track, and share Change Order Requests and Time and Material Tags. You will receive an invite for [Insert Project Name] from [Company Name] via Clearstory. Do not create your own separate project in Clearstory. Further instruction will follow once the project is kicked off."

    3. Email introduction to Subcontractors

    We highly recommend sending an email introduction to your Subcontractors, prior to sending invites through the system. An introductory email will help explain what Clearstory is and most importantly why you are using it. Once Subcontractors understand the value to them, it makes subcontractor adoption much easier.

    *Important: Make sure you update the sections that are noted with [] with your specific project details. 

    Tier I Email Example:

    Email Subject: [Insert Projects Name] Change Order Submission and Review


    In an effort to better track, review, and process your Change Order Requests, we will be requiring a software solution called Clearstory. Clearstory.com is a Change Order Communication platform that acts as a digital Change Order log shared between our companies. We will be requiring the following done in the software:

    1) Any COR on this project must be uploaded to the project in Clearstory for it to be valid. All you need to do is log in and follow the simple workflow to upload your COR. Change Order Requests sent via email and not in Clearstory will not be reviewed.

    This will help create better transparency between [Our Firm] and each of your companies so we know at all times what CORs and Tags have been approved, rejected, or are still in review.

    Next steps:

    1. Someone from each of your teams will receive an invite to join [Insert Project Name] and give you instructions on how to quickly sign up. Please do not create the project on your own as the invite to the project will be coming from our team.

    2. Uploading a Change Order Request is free and easy. If you have questions, check out this guide here. 


    3. If you want help setting up your account, check out this guide here. 


    If you have additional questions we encourage you to set up a demo with Clearstory. Your can schedule something with the Clearstory team here.



    4. How to invite your Subcontractors to the project

    Once the project is created you can invite your Subcontractors to a contract on the project. You can learn how to do that with this guide: How to invite your Subcontractors

    5. Subcontractor Quick Start Guide

    We include this in the email template for the project requirements but want to share it again here. If your sub-tier Subcontractors have questions on getting set up this is a great starting point and resource. 


    If they still have questions, Clearstory team members are standing by and are happy to hop on a call with the Subcontractor. Below is a link you can send them to schedule a call.


    7. How to send a Change Notification

    When working with sub-tier vendors you can leverage the Clearstory Change Notification tool. If you have a design change to issue or want to send something out for pricing you can do that through Clearstory using the Change notification feature. To learn more, check out this guide: How to send a Change Notification