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How to Mark a Change Order Request Approved in the Clearstory COR log

Learn how to mark a COR approved in the Clearstory COR log.

To mark a Change Order Request approved in Clearstory follow these quick steps:

  • Navigate to the COR Log.
  • Fine the COR you would like to change the status of and click on the pencil icon.

  • In the edit panel, go to the drop-down on the COR you wish to update the Status and change the status in this dropdown.

  • Once you change the status and Save, the summary value at the top will update to show the locations of the money.
  • In Clearstory we track status by the following standard categories:
    • Approved CO Issued: This status is used once you actually have a CO issued to you and you can bill for the work completed.
    • Approved to Proceed: This status is used if the COR has been verbally or written to proceed. 
    • In Review: By default, all CORs start in the "In Review" category once they are submitted to Clearstory. This can be further broken down using the stage column.
    • Void: If something has not been approved it would be marked void.
    • Placeholder: COR's that need to be identified but are not yet to be reviewed by your customer. Common items include ongoing T&M work, allowance tracking, or design changes that are still being prices.
  • Once a COR is Approved to Proceed the "Approved/Void Date" column is used to track the date of this authorization.
  • Once a CO has been issued for the particular COR you can enter the CO number issued from your customer in the Customer CO Number column and enter the date it was issued in the CO Issue Date column.