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How to Invite Users in Your Company to a Project

In this article, we are going to show you how to invite users from your company to work on an Clearstory project with you.


Note: You cannot add co-workers to a specific project until you have invited them to join your Clearstory account. Follow the instructions under "Invite Co-Worker" here: How to invite co-workers to join your company's account to add co-workers prior to inviting them to a project.

Invite Co-Workers

  • In your Clearstory account, navigate to Projects in the left-hand navigation bar.
  • Click on the project you want to invite co-workers to.
  • In the left-hand menu click on My Company Users.
  • Then click Add Team Members.
  • Click the "Team Member" dropdown list to see active users on your companies account. Click which users you want to add to the Project. 
  • Once entered, click "Add to Project" and our system will send the user an email to join the project. 
  • When inviting, you can adjust permissions for the documents your company users RECEIVE (not sent T&M & COR), and there is more information in this article:  Setting Project Permissions

Manage Invites

  • You can resend an invite by clicking on the "Mail" icon in the Action column.
  • You can delete an invite by clicking on the "Trash" icon in the Action column.
  • You can filter your invites by status and company.