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How to Create and Manage Divisions within Your Company

You can create divisions within your company and use them to filter CORs and T&M Tags.

These settings can only be enabled and managed by an account owner.

Create a Division

Select Settings> Divisions> click Edit

Enable Company Divisions by toggling the circle


Select the drop down menu to select the different divisions for your company

You can also search the drop down menu by typing in the name of the division


After selecting the divisions needed for your company, select Save

Add a Division to your Project

On the left navigation panel, select Projects > select your project

Click Manage Divisions > click Edit

Click the dropdown> select your Division


After selecting the Division you would like to add. Select Duplicate.


Filter Logs by Division

Select Filter on the COR or T&M Log


Select Division you would like to filter by. Scroll to bottom to Apply Filters