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How to Change Your Password

Forgot your password? Learn how to change it in this article.

There are two basic ways you can reset your password in Clearstory.

  1. You forgot your password and can't log in.
  2. You know your password but want to change it in the app.

Forgot password and can't log in.

  • To reset your password go to Clearstory.com and click Login in the upper right-hand corner. Or navigate directly to app.clearstory.build/auth/forgot-password.
  • From here click on Forgot your password? Get Help.

  • Once on this page, enter the email address you use to login and click Submit.
  • You will then see a screen that says Please check your email to reset your password.
  • Go to your inbox and you will see an email titled Clearstory Forgotten Password.
  • In this email click on the link that says "Reset Password".

  • Enter your new password twice and click "Update". Now your new password should be set!

Change your password in the application

  • Navigate to Settings > My Profile. 
  • In the right-hand side you will see a section that says "Change Password". 
  • Click on this button, enter your existing password and then enter your new password twice. 
  • Click on "Submit" and your new password will be set.