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How Can I Add an Unsigned T&M Tag to a COR?

Clearstory has a feature that allows you add Tags that have not been signed by your customer to a COR. This guide will show you

This feature is off by default, so if you'd like to use it, please contact support (support@Clearstory.com) so that we can turn it on for you!


Once you have requested this feature to be enabled, when you have a T&M Tag that is in the "Awaiting Signature" Status, you can select the tag using the checkbox and click on the wrench icon that appears:


You can also click on the "More" option and choose "Generate COR":

Similar to a Tag that is in the "Signed" Status, that Tag will now be attached to a COR.


From this point on, the Tag behaves mostly as a Signed tag would, except that it can still be signed by your customer, either on a mobile device, or through our email signature request.

When a tag in "Awaiting Signature" Status gets added to a COR, that Tag PDF is now locked on that COR.  So if your customer signs the Tag, it will update on your T&M Log, but the PDF attached to the COR will NOT update.  To update the COR you would need to revise the COR, remove the unsigned Tag PDF, and upload the signed version.