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Contractor Insights

When viewing your Project, you can take a closer look at your Contractor data making it easy to stay informed.

Click Projects and select your Project

Click the Contractor Insights tab- 


The Overview screen allows you to easily filter by contracts to refine the information displayed -

There are multiple charts shown outlining the data including:

  • COR Status Summary
  • T&M Tag Status Summary
  • Contract Summary
  • T&M Tag Labor Hours Summary
  • COR Aging Report by Contractor
  • Status Summary by Contract
  • Contract Summary by Contract

Customer REF #

The Customer REF # tab shows every unique Customer Reference number and all of the associated costs and CORs related to that reference number: 

Contract Snapshot

This tab serves as a central hub that consolidates your CORs and CNs:

  • Contract Summary - displays the original contract value and the increase in contract value from CORs in each status from the selected contract(s).
  • Snapshot Summary - displays the number of open Pricing Request/ Open Authorized T&M Work Change Notifications and the number of open CORs in Revise and Resubmit status to the selected contract(s)
  • Data Table - displays all Received CORs and all Sent Change Notifications to the selected contract(s)

 Aging Report

This tab displays your CORs current age:

Contract and Status Summary

Contract Summary by Contract

Status Summary by Contract

CN Response Matrix

You can easily track responses to your existing Change Notifications

Filters - you can filter by contract and status:

Export - you can Export as a PDF or Excel file:

Example PDF export: