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Changing the title of Change Order Requests (CORs) to "Invoice"

Clearstory has a feature that enables you to change the title of the COR PDFs to "Invoice" for specific projects

Please note that this feature is turned OFF by default, so if you want to utilize it, you need to contact support via live chat or support@clearstory.com to request that it be enabled.


If you have certain projects where you directly invoice your T&M tags instead of sending them as a COR for approval, there is a feature that renames the PDF for CORs to say "Invoice" instead of "Change Order Request".  Here is a short video overview:



This is feature is updated for an individual Project, and will affect all CORs on that Project only.  

Additionally, only the title of the COR PDF, and the COR email alert will be changed to say invoice.  There won't be a separate log for invoices vs. CORs.