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Adding a Subcontractor Change Order Request to a Sent Change Order Request (COR)

If you work with Sub Tier Contractors and want to attach their CORs to one you send to your client, Clearstory allows you to effortlessly add it to your sent CORs

With Clearstory Projects, you can both send AND receive CORs.  So if you are a contractor working with a General Contractor as well as a Sub Tier Contractor, you can invite both to your Clearstory project.

If you have received CORs on a project, you can quickly pull in those received documents to a COR that you are sending to your Customer, or create a custom line item to separate out those sub tier costs.

To do this, we've added a "Subcontractor" section to our detailed Change Order Request template:



"Add Custom" allows you to manually add the cost from the sub tier contractor, while "Add Received COR" lets you pull in the actual received document as a line item and file attachment:



If you are adding a received COR, you can also display it on your COR log as a separate column for each sub tier contract:


On your Received COR Log, we have added a new "Linked Sent COR" column that will indicate the status of the sent COR it has been packaged into.  This allows you to update the Status of your Received COR Log to match that of your Sent COR Log:


A few things to note:

  • You can invite your sub tier contractors to your Project and they can upload their own COR documents for free
  • You can pull in one or multiple received CORs into a sent COR (though the CORs need to have been sent to you via Clearstory
  • Currently you are unable to add a COR to your received log on behalf of your sub tier contractor.  They will need to upload themselves once invited to your project.  However, you can always add the costs via the "Add Custom" button, and manually attach the received COR to the sent COR
  • Subcontractor costs that are added through the "Add Custom" option will not display on your sent log, only costs that come from CORs received via Clearstory