September 2022 Release Notes

September releases include implementing single sign-on, attaching PDFs to T&M Tags, updates to CORs and improved reporting

List of New Features & Updates

Federated Identity & SSO

Clearstory now supports single sign-on (SSO). With SSO, Clearstory users can now leverage their Procore, Google, or another authentication provider to access their Clearstory account, so there is no need to manage users across Clearstory and your other systems. 

Attach PDFs to T&M Tags

Users can now attach PDFs when creating Time & Materials Tags in addition to images 

Upload Contractor COR

Users can now upload Change Order Requests (CORs) on behalf of their contracted party. This is extremely helpful if you want to use Clearstory but cannot convince your contracted party to do so. This feature can also be used to help customers get projects set up on Clearstory even if there have already been CORs created in some other way.  

Improved COR Upload

Users can now specify the date submitted, status, stage, and label when uploading a COR

Async Report Generation

The Outstanding Labor Report, Detailed Change Orders Report, and Detailed T&M Tags Report, are now generated in the background. Users can request the report and continue to use the software without having to wait for the report to be generated. The application will provide a notification when your report is ready for you to view.