December 2022 Release Notes

December releases include the following updates

CMiC Updates

We’re continuing to expand our integration with CMiC. Clearstory now offers more flexibility and can better align with user’s CMiC PCI use. Want to track changes to labor and materials as separate PCI line items? Clearstory users now have the ability to add the labor, materials, and equipment as separate PCI line items or add the entire value of a COR as a PCI Line Item.In addition, do you need to review a COR that has already been added as a PCI Line item in CMiC? No problem! Users can now push a Change Order Request revision from Clearstory to update the originally created PCI line item. 

Multiple Procore Companies

To support our customers who use multiple companies within Procore, we have expanded our integration to address this. Different Procore companies can now be linked to different offices in Clearstory so that data pushed from Clearstory to Procore is routed to the correct Procore company.  

T&M Time Zone Signatures

The latest update to the digital signatures function applies time zones consistently across all tags in all projects. All T&M Tags are now signed in the time zone of the office of the contractor who created it to provide our users with consistent, predictable behavior when signing T&M Tags.